A recent trip reconfirmed the motivation behind starting Water Saves in a very heartbreaking moment.  A short drive from San Pedro Sula Honduras is a large squatter community whose only source of water in this humid, tropical region is the contaminated river that flows nearby.  Two weeks prior to my arrival a young girl from the local school we were partnering with took a drink from the river.  She contacted a bacterial infection and was dead within days.  She was only 12 years old.  I was too late!  We have since installed water filters in the school so this tragedy never happens again.  We have plans to return and give filters to every family represented by the school. 

​     Unfortunately, I have held infants and children in my arms that were dying just because they didn’t have adequate amounts of safe drinking water.  In developing countries children are often forced to drink water from contaminated sources. Domesticated animals and wildlife also use these same water sources.

"she was only 12 years old.....

Our methodology for installing the filters depends on the local culture and other circumstances.  Sometimes we will go door-to-door spending time with each family, other times we will meet with 20-25 families in a community-gathering place to distribute them.  In either case, we will assist the users in assembling the filters and train them in the use and care of the filter.


Compassion: We will show mercy, sympathy and charity to all regardless of race, religion, gender, political persuasion , or sexual orientation.

Integrity: We will be fiscally responsible by using standard accounting practices for non-profits

Excellence: Endeavor to execute everything we do meticulously and with quality. 

Gary Higgins

Our Method


We provide safe drinking water to poor populations in countries where access to safe water is marginal.  This is accomplished by providing appropriate, sustainable water filter technology. The central goal is to reduce the suffering brought on my water-borne illnesses.

Gary & Cindy Higgins, founders


Safe water saves lives.  We will provide water filters to as many of the estimated 2 billion people in the world as possible, who do not have access to adequate amounts of safe water.

Water Saves teams up with other partners of like-minded compassion to get our water filters to where they are needed the most.  These extremely portable filters are provided to families as well as schools, medical clinics, orphanages and churches.  The filters are small in size; however, they make an enormous long-term impact in the health and well being of the user.